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ELISA kit development Service

An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is a method of detecting a substance by binding an enzyme to an antigen or antibody. It is a method of identifying the presence or absence of a substance using enzyme-induced color development. It is able to detect trace amounts of substances using specific antibodies and has the advantage of being able to confirm a large number of samples in a short time.

ELISA type


  • Research / diagnostic analysis kit
  • Analysis of recombinant protein content in the process of developing genetically modified food
  • Virus content analysis
  • Analysis of the content of host cell protein(HCP) derived from cell line
  • Anti-drug antibody (ADA) analysis
  • PK (pharmacokinetics) analysis


  • Provides total solution from standard protein production to ELISA kit
  • High quality antibody design and production based on experience of various antibody production
  • A thoroughly tested ELISA kit quality assurance system
  • Experiment progress step by step data transmission and 1: 1 customized consultation service

Customer Preparation

  • Standard protein (with protein)
    • - Required amount: 2mg (recommended)
    • - Concentration: 1.0 mg / ml or higher (recommended)
  • Standard protein sequence (without protein)
    • - Possible to link gene synthesis service with protein expression and purification service
  • Antibody
    • - 2 or more basic antibodies
    • - Antibody 5 mg each
  • For HCP
    • - Cell lysate or purified HCP as standard protein after transfection of Mock Vector
    • - Polyclonal antibody production service should be linked.
    • - Standard protein estimated amount required: 20-100 mg

Service Flow