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Efficacy Service

In-vitro Efficacy

AbClon has a variety of cell lines for analyzing the efficacy of drugs and has a wide range of analytical experience, especially for antibody drugs. AbClon provides reliable assay results using cell lines from the ATCC and validated through the Mycoplasma test.

Cell line list

Cell line list
No Cell name Species origin Xenograft setting
1 Reh Hu acute lymphocytic leukemia
2 RPMI 8226 Hu B cell; B lymphocyte
3 Raji Hu B lymphocyte
4 TF-1 Hu Bone marrow
5 K-562 Hu Bone marrow
6 RS4;11 Hu Bone marrow
7 BT-474 Hu breast
8 HCC-1569 Hu breast Yes
9 HCC1954 Hu breast Yes
10 HCC202 Hu breast
11 MCF-7 Hu breast
12 MDA-MB-231 Hu breast Yes
13 MDA-MB-453 Hu breast Yes
14 SK-BR-3 Hu breast
15 T-47D Hu breast Yes
16 UACC-893 Hu breast
17 HeLa Hu cervix
18 HCT116 Hu colon
19 HCT15 Hu colon
20 HT-29 Hu colon Yes
21 SW403 Hu colon Yes
22 SW48 Hu colon Yes
23 SW480 Hu colon
24 LS 174T Hu colon Yes
25 CT26.WT Ms colon
26 HCC-1419 Hu ductal cancer
27 HCC-2218 Hu ductal cancer
28 HGC-27 Hu Gastric cancer undifferentiated, mucin producing
29 NUGC-4 Hu gastric lymph node
30 Phoenix-ECO Hu kidney
31 PG13 Ms Leukemia
32 HCC827 Hu Lung Yes
33 NCI-H358 Hu Lung Yes
34 A549 Hu Lung Yes
35 NCI-H1650 Hu Lung Yes
36 Calu-3 Hu Lung
37 MRC-5 Hu Lung
38 ZR-75-1 Hu mammary gland/breast
39 ZR-75-30 Hu mammary gland/breast
40 AU565 Hu mammary gland/breast
41 SK-OV-3 Hu ovary Yes
42 BxPC-3 Hu pancreas Yes
43 Capan-2 Hu pancreas
44 THP-1 Hu Peripheral blood
45 FaDu Hu pharynx Yes
46 A431 Hu skin Yes
47 KATO III Hu stomach
48 MKN-45 Hu stomach
49 MKN7 Hu stomach
50 SNU-216 Hu stomach
51 SNU-1 Hu Rabbit
52 NUGC-3 Hu stomach
53 SNU-520 Hu stomach
54 OE-19 Hu stomach/Oesophagus Yes
55 NCI-N87 Hu Stomach:Liver Yes
56 Hs 746T Hu stomach; derived from metastatic site: left leg
57 Jurkat, clone E6-1 Hu T lymphocyte
58 EC-RF24 Hu Umbilical Cord

AbClon provided

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In-vivo Efficacy (Xenograft)

In order to confirm the in vivo activity of anticancer drugs, Xenograft mouse model for major cell lines has have been set up as a useful test method for transplanting human cancer cells into immunoimmune-deficient mice to induce tumors and evaluate the efficacy after drug treatment. Setting the test method is also available.