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A specialist group of antibodies, AbClon provides the essential product range used in the laboratory at reasonable price and excellent quality, so that you can use it conveniently for researchers' experiments. These products are proven products that are used for all services that are going on at AbClon.

Western Detection kit

  • New concept of Western Blot detection reagent: AbSignal
    • - High sensitivity: High sensitivity detection reagent can save primary and secondary antibody.
    • - Easy to Use: Easy to use by mixing two solutions 1: 1.
    • - Long duration time: Longer signal duration allows more stable experiment.
  • Sensitivity & Duration Time Test
    • Example of GAPDH detection in A431 cell
      • · AbSignal can detect protein from trace amounts of samples
      • · Stable signal detection continues even after 3 hours
Name Cat. No. Product composition
AbSignal ABC - 3001 A. Solution, 100ml
B. Solution, 100ml

Primary antibody (Loading control)

Primary antibody (Loading control)
Name Cat. No. Clonality Size Application Cross reactivity Data sheet
Anti-alpha Tubulin antibody AbC-2001 polyclonal 200ul E, WB Human, Mouse, Rat pdf
Anti-beta Actin antibody (N-term) AbC-2002 polyclonal 200ul E, WB Human, Mouse pdf
Anti-beta Actin antibody (C-term) AbC-2004 polyclonal 400ul E, WB Human, Mouse, Rat pdf
Anti-GAPDH antibody AbC-2003 polyclonal 200ul E, WB Human pdf
Anti-GAPDH (5H11) antibody AbC-1001 monoclonal 200ul E, WB, IP Human, Rat pdf
Secondary Antibody ELISA test results

Secondary antibody

Secondary antibody
Name Cat. No. Size Data sheet
Goat Anti-mouse lgG, HRP conjugated AbC-5001 0.5ml pdf
Goat Anti-rabbit lgG, HRP conjugated AbC-5003 0.5ml pdf
Secondary Antibody ELISA test results

Recombinant Protein

Recombinant Protein Item Host Tag Amount
Ab - P0001 EGFR HEK293 C-Fc 100ug
Ab - P0002 HEK293 C-His 100ug
Ab - P0003 HER2 HEK293 C-Fc 100ug
Ab - P0004 HEK293 C-His 100ug
Ab - P0005 HER3 HEK293 C-Fc 100ug
Ab - P0006 HER4 HEK293 C-Fc 100ug
Ab - P0007 VEGF-A HEK293 C-Fc 100ug
Ab - P0008 CD80 HEK293 C-Fc 100ug
Ab - P0009 CD86 HEK293 C-Fc 100ug
Ab - P0010 CD152 HEK293 C-Fc 100ug
Ab - P0011 EpCAM HEK293 C-Fc 100ug
Ab - P0013 IL-1 beta E.coil C-His 100ug
Ab - P0014 TNF alpha E.coil NO-tag 100ug
Ab - P0015 CD253 E.coil N-His 100ug
Ab - P0016 ANG2 HEK293 C-Fc 100ug
Ab - P0017 FcRn(+B2M) HEK293 C-His 100ug

Human / Mouse IgG ELISA kit

  • Characteristic
    • - Ready-to-use configuration
    • - Reliable HRP
    • - Wide measuring range (Human: 2 ~ 100ng / ml, Mouse: 35 ~ 1,000ng / ml)
    • - Stable for 6 months at 4 ℃
  • Components
    • - 96well plate, Wash buffer, Standard IgG, Dilution buffer, substrate(TMB), Stop solution, protocol book
Human / Mouse IgG ELISA kit Description Size
AbC - 6001 Human IgG(kappa) Quantitative ELISA Kit 1 Kit (96-well)
AbC - 6004 Mouse IgG Quantitative ELISA Kit 1 Kit (96-well)

Pre-made Buffer

Try Buffer more easily. AbClon can customize the buffer at a reasonable price upon request.

Pre-made Buffer Description Size
abc-7001-500 10X PBS Buffer 500ml
abc-7002-500 20X TBS Buffer 500ml
abc-7003-500 10X SDS Running Buffer 500ml
abc-7003-1000 10X SDS Running Buffer 1000ml
abc-7004-500 20X TBS-T(Tween 20) Buffer 500ml
abc-7005-500 10X Transfer Buffer 500ml
abc-7005-1000 10X Transfer Buffer 1000ml
abc-7006-500 20% SDS solution 500ml